I conceive art as a constant question, a medium to wonder about myself and the world, without expecting the answers.

My current research is focused on the idea of identity, understood in two aspects: as a strong tension between contrary magnitudes, which connects with the paradox of the contemporary subjectivity; and as a constant change, a movement, which involves introducing in painting the illusion of the fourth dimension: time. The challenge I assume is to reflect the identitary tension between what we must do and what we want to do, between norms, conventions and morals on the one hand, and conflict, crime and desire on the other. Likewise, the othe challenge propose myself is to capture an instant of that identity change in order to confront the movement to the static, the accidental to the essential; and to combine everything to show the paradoxes that operate in the conception of myself and things.

Due to this paradoxal vision of identity, my painting is also a tension between the academicist tradition and the aesthetics of the digital and social networks, confusing somehow the pictorial surface and the screen of the electronic device, our new window to other worlds.