Alfonso del Moral (Murcia, 1992) shows his interest on painting from an early age. His family, sensitive to this vocation, enrolls him in the Arlés art accademy, where he learns with Pablo Hernando and Ana Vázquez for fiveteen years. Soon after, he meets Pedro Cano, who will become his Maestro. Step by step he makes a name for himself despite his youth and him conjugating the job of artist with his studies in Law. Eventually he manages to enter the artistic world of his city. After finishing his law degree and masters in law, he decides to focus on his passion and he moves to Valencia in 2017 to iniciate the studies in Fine Arts and thereby complete his formation. His wide insterests in other fields such as dance, music or history complete his cultural background and provide his work with an interdisciplinary vision.

Alfonso starts to move in his city’s artistic circuit with solo exhibitions like Andalus at Chys Gallery in 2017 or in many group exhibitions organised by galleries or by the City Council itself, such as Jardines del Mediterráneo at the Museum of the City of Murcia. He finds recognition outside his hometown as well, like the Pintores Pensionados Grant of the Palacio de Quintanar of Segovia, the Spiritu National Price by the Museo de Arte Sacro of Teruel, the Third Price at the International Watercolour Alegria Festival of Chefchaouen (Morocco); or the Marche d’Acqua Price of the Fabriano Paper and Watermark Museum’s international biennial. Great part of his succes comes from his portrait skills. And he has received commissions to paint different figures, such as two Rectors of the University of Murcia, among others. His fame at the Murcian capital comes also from the different poster art that he has painted for his city, like the Bullfigh Fair in 2016, the centennary of the Royal Tennis Club in 2019 or the Murcia Tres Culturas Festival in 2021. This explains his artistic criteria be taken into account even for being a member of the jury of the XVII Painting Price of the University of Murcia in 2017. He has been said to conform, along with other artists, the new “School of Murcia” in painting; and his commitment to his city is such that he founds with a group of artist friends the Watercolour Society of the Region of Murcia in 2015.

In recent years he has developed different and successful projects in Madrid with the Arniches 26 Gallery, such as Just some fantasies (2021) –with a debate about art and identity at the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid toghether with prominent personalities of the artistic world–, I are (2022) or The false promise (2023) –exhibited at The Social Hub Madrid, besides participating at well known art fairs such as Urvanity Art Madrid 2023–. Besides, after a prestigious jury chose him, he has taken part of the PAM PAM 23 exhibition at the Royal Atarazanas of Valencia with his project Free fall (2023). Also in 2023, he has had solo exhibitions in Malmö and Stockholm (Sweeden).

Currently, he teaches painting at the Fine Art Faculty of the Technic University of Valencia as an associated professor at the Painting Department.